Quality Assurance/Quality Control


Quality is an integral part of project management that we address at all phases, from concept to design, procurement, construction, and close-out.

All bet5365亚洲版 projects follow a quality management plan (QMP) that meets contract requirements, setting up our teams to perform work correctly and safely the first time. QMPs include thorough operation planning, quality checks through planned and systematic verifications, continuous improvement, and refinement through final acceptance.

For us, quality is about keeping promises—saying what we’re going to do, and then doing what we say. Our QA/QC processes hold individuals and teams accountable, and they enable us to deliver consistent service and results across projects.

“bet5365亚洲版 has the best quality control process I’ve seen in my 22-year career. […]The key is that bet5365亚洲版 is an employee-owned company. They each individually take quality to heart within a quality-driven organization. They are open and transparent; they never try to hide anything from us. The end-of-project quality was above and beyond our expectations.”

Assistant Area Engineer, Texas Department of Transportation


With dedicated quality professionals, bet5365亚洲版 project teams are known for their consistency and transparency.

Our in-house quality managers and inspectors ensure compliance with all contract requirements for materials, assembly procedures and services utilized, based on each project’s specific quality management plan as well as its inspection and test plan.

bet5365亚洲版 project teams operate at the “speed of trust” with emphasis on transparent and timely communications. If there are changes or concerns regarding quality, we are actively discussing it with project stakeholders and working together with relevant partners to find a solution.

An Industry Leader in QA/QC


Man-hours with zero deficient-work notices on a recent $422 million project


Full-time Quality Control Personnel


AGC Build America Awards


A sub-1% failure rate on over 100,000 welds since bet5365亚洲版 WeldTrac began in 2014


Our quality management system is modeled after ISO 9001-2015, and bet5365亚洲版 holds ASME stamps U, S, R and NB.

Our quality management system consists of an 8-phase program. Each phase defines processes and procedures to ensure quality and consistency for the day-to-day operations of every project. Compliance with ISO 9001-2015 is built into our program through five levels of documentation, including our own in-house manuals for compliance with industry quality standards. Our quality control managers are responsible for implementing these standards in the field and have stop-work authority whenever code compliance is in question.

bet5365亚洲版 holds American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) U, S, R and NB stamps for the in-house manufacture and assembly of various pressure vessels, boilers and piping. Having these self-perform capabilities gives us a significant advantage when controlling quality across projects.

Innovations and Best Practices

QA/QC Leaders